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Appointment & Salon Policies

We are a boutique salon, dedicated to creating the best manicures and pedicures in the world.

 How to book

New clients– if you are interested in an appointment please drop us a quick email to anna[at] with details of what service you are looking for and we will reply with a service recommendation and login information so you can book the appropriate appointment online.
Our current clients with regular bi-weekly and monthly appointments do receive priority booking and they are welcomed to book at the salon at the end of their service or book online up to 2 weeks in advance.
Clients with MEMBERSHIPS can book and cancel online up to 1 month in advance. Ask Anna for details.


Cancellation fee equal of 10% of the value of the service will be charged for all cancelled bookings unless the same service is is changed to an earlier date (if available). MEMBERSHIP clients do not pay this fee.
Cancelling with less than 3 business days notice will result in 50% cancellation fee.

Please don’t book/purchase appointments if you think this policy is ridiculous. We do agree that the policy is a bit “much” but sadly, we have no choice but to implement it in order to stay in business.

In return, we promise to take your appointment time seriously and be on time. In case of any true emergencies and we have to cancel your appointment with less then 3 day’s notice-  your next appointment will be 50% OFF.

How to change a booking to earlier time

If you have an existing appointment and you would like to come earlier, please call/text us and we can move your appointment (if available) to avoid the 10% cancellation fee.


To cancel appointment please call us or text  647-878-5156. No cancellation emails please.


Late Arrivals

The time that you schedule at Polished is reserved for you alone. We’re very prompt, and never over-book or double-book clients. To keep on schedule, your appointment will begin and end on time. We’re rarely able to accommodate clients who arrive in excess of 15 minutes late, or add additional services to a scheduled appointment.

Guests / Children

Our space is very small and although we would love to meet your friends or children, unfortunately we don’t have the capacity for the extra crowd.

Cell phones

Please keep your phone stored away with ringer on low during your manicure and brow appointments (unless you are an emergency doctor- on call, because lives matter more then a manicure, or even eyebrows, clearly).

No tipping

Yes, we mean exactly that. The price includes quality service. Quality service is what you are paying for. If you would like to show your appreciation we would love a good review somewhere on the inter-webs or simply- pay it forward. We believe in Karma. If you feel extra generous please consider donating to a charity that we support and that is very close to our heart called 112 Carlotta Galgos (click on link to learn more).

Contraindications (do not book if…)

Please understand that we can only work on healthy skin and nails.  We are not medical professionals and cannot diagnose or suggest treatment. If something looks “off” and skin or nail looks unhealthy we have to refuse the service.  Although we practice “universal precautions” the Health Department clearly states that we cannot service clients who have skin conditions that might be transferable to others like fungal infections or warts. Also for our, and other client’s protection we can’t work on areas that have open cuts or infections.

Although our work is quite impressive we don’t actually perform magic, so please have realistic expectations.
This especially applies to brows. If you have pencil thin brows we cannot make them thicker or “move” one, so they are even. If the hair does not grow, we cannot make it grow. It’s disappointing, we know. We are very sorry about that.



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